5 Questions with Nolan James

nolan5 Questions with Nolan James

PWACanada: First off Nolan thank you for taking the time today to answer some questions for the fans of the Pure Wrestling Association.

NJ: Thank you for the opportunity.

PWACanada: First question of the day is what was your first match in the PWA?

NJ: April 30th 2016 I went one on one with E.O. in Campbell River on a night that I feel changed the course of my career for the better and I haven’t looked back since.

PWACanada: Recently you lost the British Columbia Championship to the crafty veteran TJ Harley. You are guaranteed a rematch for the title but currently the number one contender is Haviko. Would you have a preference on who you would face for the title in January?

NJ: After seeing first hand just how hard he works (at the Pro Wrestling Academy) week in and week out, facing Haviko in a high profile match would be an honour. Then on the other hand, I have unfinished business with TJ Harley and would find pleasure in seeing the look on his face when I take the BC Championship back.

Either way I won’t be holding back and in all honesty I’m so driven to get the title back that I’ll face both of them if I have to.

PWACanada: Speaking of the Pro Wrestling Academy how often are you in classes and how are they going?nolanwin

NJ: Classes are going great! It is so awesome to see a group of guys so willing to learn and work together to achieve their dreams. Currently my goal is to be in class a minimum of four days a week. I’d live there if it was an option.

PWACanada: This Saturday, November 19th you will be wrestling a fellow Pro Wrestling Academy wrestler as you face off with Nathan Legacy. Can you give us some thoughts on that match?

NJ: I’ve been looking forward to this opportunity for awhile now. Everyone at the Academy has shown so much determination and talent in there own way and Nathan Legacy is no different. When classes first started back in March, I was the only one in my “height and/or weight division” to say, and it wasn’t until Nathan showed up that I truly felt challenged and had a somewhat equally matched sparring partner. Since that day we’ve worked together to craft our skills and it will be interesting to see how competitive we’ll truly get when the bell rings and we face off for the first time.

PWACanada: And the final question we have for you today is what is next for Nolan James in PWA Canada?

NJ: Only time will tell. I take it one step at a time and am currently focused on regaining the British Columbia Championship and once again representing my province along with PWA’s BC brand as best I can. Until then I don’t feel the need to look any further down the road.

PWACanada: Thank you again Nolan for taking the time to do this. Have a great day and if I missed anything please do let us know in your closing comments

NJ: I just want everyone to know how strong of a community the PWA Pro Wrestling Academy is building and how grateful I am for its existence. Wether you’re starting from scratch or just want to polish your skills, the Pro Wrestling Academy is the place to be. Now if you’ll excuse me, I don’t want to be late for class