5 Questions with “EZE” Eric Cairnie

ezbanks5 Questions with “EZE” Eric Cairnie

PWACanada: First things first, thank you Eric for taking the time to do this 5 Questions interview for www.PWACanada.com

EZE: Thank you for having me in the spot light.

PWACanada: Let’s dive right into it. October 22nd you make your long anticipated return to the ring. The fans are going nuts they are excited that you have joined back up with your long time friend/enemy Ryan Swift and you even have the veil Krystal Banks leave the ring side area. Then Swift and you defeat the Modern Day Warriors to win the Tagteam Championships. The crowd is going nuts and then BAM you attacked Ryan from behind and left him in a heap. Banks rejoined you and you left with the Tagteam Championships. The question is Why?

EZE: April 10th 2016, I popped all my ribs out on my right side and blew 3 discs out of my neck in a wrestling match. I was side lined for 7 months not able to wrestle, workout or do cardio which caused complete muscle atrophy on my right side. So people started talking, “will Eric ever be able to come back”, “if he can come back will he be the same” even that so called friend Ryan Swift said those things right to my face.

Krystal Banks was the only one who knew I could come back better than before.  So I came back to prove I don’t need anyone; yes I’m back and I’m better than I ever was.  Ryan Swift and everyone else in the PWA locker room needs to take notice, PWA is about to change and whoever gets in my way will just get run down.

ezskaPWACanada: Was turning on Swift to prove a point.  You guys are Tagteam Champions. The next question is how are you and Ryan Swift going to function as a tagteam?

EZE: “We” are not a tag team and “we” are not tag team champions. As far as I’m concerned, I am the sole owner of the PWA tag team championships

PWACanada: You’re a former 2x Pure Wrestling Champion with your last reign ending July 1st, 2014. After the dust has settled from where ever the road leads you with Ryan Swift do you think you will challenge and be successful in once again becoming a Pure Wrestling Champion or will you look towards the Ontario Championship?

EZE: Anybody who is anybody wants the Pure Wrestling Championship and eventually that will be mine toochamp

PWACanada: You’re a man filled with pro wrestling passion. Let the fans know something you are passionate for outside of the wrestling ring?

EZE: Money and Politics

PWACanada: Last question is a big one. If you could pick an opponent for PWA’s 12 year Anniversary event in July this year who would it be and why?

EZE: That is a tough question, right now I would say, Kenny Omega…..he’s a world class wrestler simple as that

PWACanada: Thanks Eric for taking the time to do this interview. At this time we open the floor to you with any closing comments

EZE: My actions will speak louder than any comments. PWA needs to be ready.