5 Questions with Elian Habanero

5 Questions with Elian Habanero

elian5aPWACanada.com: Thank you Elian for taking the time out of your busy day during the Holiday’s to allow us to ask you some questions for the fans that visit our website.

Elian: I love wrestling, holidays, questions and websites.

PWACanada.com: Being that it is the Holiday Season, what is your favourite part of Christmas/New Years?

Elian:  I love snow. It doesn’t snow in Cuba. I build snowman and dropkick them.

PWACanada.com: A young man from the Island travels what has to seem like across the world to become a Professional Wrestler. This could be a movie. (Who would play Elian in a movie about Elian Habanero.) But the real question is what were your thoughts leaving a known like home to a very unknown in Cambridge, Ontario?

Elian: I think Shia Labeouf could do it. He’s a good rapper. I was very young when I left so I was just trying to soak it all in and survive.

PWACanada.com: The Cuban Sensation is almost on round 2 of the book of Elian. You started in 2000 wrestled for a decade then took some time off and then returned 2 years ago. What would you say you like from Chapter one more than the current time and what from current run do you enjoy more than the first run.

elian5Elian: The first chapter I was just happy to be doing it and making great memories. The second chapter I am happy to be learning more. Not only about the business, but myself as well. Having a second crack at it has been the experience of a lifetime.

PWACanada.com: I know we are loading up the double questions on you so this one is a real easy one. What are your favourite 3 or 4 matches.

Elian: Anything against Ruffy Silverstein, Shawn Spears, Jessy Jones or Super Kamikaze.

PWACanada.com: Being that we are celebrating the New Year today what are a few of your goals for this year of 2017?

Elian: In 2017 I will kick it into a new gear and show the world why everyone should love wrestling like I do.

PWACanada.com: Thank you again Elian so much for doing this interview with PWACanada.com. Best of luck on your upcoming match on January 21st in Cambridge.

Elian:  Luck is no match for Love.