January 21st was dubbed “Winter Warfare,” but it easily could have also been called “The Return.”  The Pure Wrestling Association made its long awaited return to Cambridge, Ontario.  Super Kamikaze returned to action after a long hiatus to heal his nagging neck injuries.  Hitman for Hire returned to his old ways of taking money to try and put others out of action.  And to top it off Beautiful Bea made her highly anticipated return to the squared circle to defend the Elite Womens Championship after being injured months ago.

Standing in the way of Beautiful Beaa’s big return on Saturday night was 4’11 “Bubblegum Princess” Alexia Nicole.  Alexia is a very talented pro wrestler who hails from Toronto, Ontario.  The former Champion made it abundantly clear she was coming to Cambridge to reclaim the Elite Womens Championship.

In our social media world everyone was very aware of Beaa’s injury.  The struggle to get into the doctors to get tests done, the months of rehab and walking on crutches all added up to the frustration that was Beaa’s life.  A month ago made the announcement that Beaa was set to return to action.  The fans where ecstatic.  The social media posts showed the rehab, the training at the Canadian Wrestling Federation school in St. Catherines and the support from her close network of friends and family.

Last night there was a lot of people giving their best and welcoming Beaa back to the ring, but none of those people could have even expected how great the reaction the crowd gave Beaa when her music hit and she walked out to the ring.  The crowd brought a huge smile to the face of Beaa and you could feel the excitement in the air.

The match between Alexia and Beaa was action packed and full of hard hitting, high flying manoeuvers.  It looked as though everything was going great.  Beaa’s knee was holding up well and she was flying in the ring.  That was until a desperate Alexia took Beaa’s knee out.  The shriek of pain shoot through out the building.  Alexia then tortured Beaa with a single leg boston crab.  Beaa tried to hang on but the pain was too much.  The crowd could not believe it as the huge return ended in possible re-injury and a new Elite Womens Champion.

Beaa told that she feels much better than she did last night. Beaa’s knee is very sore, but she will be back in action on February 11th in Kitchener to try and regain the Elite Womens Championship from Alexia Nicole.