:: May 30th, 2015 Results

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May 30th, 2015
Kitchener, Ontario

1.  Sid Summers and Vic Venis defeated “The Modern Day Warriors” Jimmy King/Derek Platinum w/ Lenny Lilac to remain Tagteam Champions.

–  The Modern Day Warriors will not receive another Tagteam Championship Match until the team of Sid Summers and Vic Venis are defeated by another team.

2.  “Big Ticket” Reggie Marley w/ Ruffy Silverstein  & Venom defeated Mike Hart

3.  Elian Habanero defeated “Reckless” Ryan Swift

4.  HardKore Hick defeated Lance Malibu to become the new Pure Violence Champion

–  Post match Warhed made his return to PWA and challenged HardKore Hick to a Pure Violence Dream match on July 17th in Guelph.  Hick accepted

5.  “EZE” Eric Cairnie defeated Eddie Osbourne via tap out to remain Ontario Champion

Lenny Lilac came out for a interview where he informed the crowd he wanted a rematch for the Tagteam Championships only to be interrupted by the new PWA Commissioner Corey Hart.  Corey informed Lenny that he holds the power and their will be no chance for a rematch aslong as Sid and Vic are Champions.  This brought out Sid Summers and Vic Venis.  Lenny agreed to have a match with Sid Summers if they surrendered the Tagteam Titles.  Sid and Vic talked it over and it became official.  Commissioner Corey upped the ante and said it would be a strap match because he knows Lilac will just try to run away.  Commissioner Corey also took the Tagteam Titles out of the Modern Day Warriors and said that new Champions would be crowned, the belts where surrendered not forfeit to the Modern Day Warriors.  Lilac left very upset.

6.  Beautiful Beaa defeated Kaitlin Diemond to remain Elite Womens Champion

7. “Big Al” Joey Allen defeated Ruffy Silverstein in a Lumberjack Match to become the new Pure Wrestling Champion