Dec5Pure Wrestling Association
“Spirit of the Season”
December 5th, 2015
Kitchener, Ontario

1.  “Sexy” Sid Summers defeated Lance Malibu
–  As per match stipulation Lance has to enter the Golden Ticket Rumble 1st while Sid enters last.

Ruffy Silverstein surrendered the Pure Wrestling Championship.  Not before berating the crowd and Mike and Corey Hart.

2.  “EZE” Eric Cairnie defeated Beautiful Beaa
–  Alexia was injured defending the Championship the night before in Guelph.
–  After the match EZE was going to attack Beaa more until she was saved by Ryan Swift

3.  Mike “Hitman for Hire” Fortune defeated LA Mulcare

4.  Jimmy King w/ Lenny Lilac defeated Hardcore Hick

5.  “Dirty Vets” Markus Ryan/Notorious Tid defeated Ben Ortmanns/Tyler Thomas

6.  “Reckless” Ryan Swift defeated “EZE” Eric Cairnie to remain Ontario Champion

7.  Lance Malibu won the Pure Wrestling Championship in the Golden Ticket over the top rope rumble.
–  Sid Summers was the last man eliminated.